DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide for safe water treatment

For your water

DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide is the highly effective disinfectant for sustainable water treatment and for combating pathogenic bacteria, moulds, algae and viruses. On the basis of the persulfate/chlorite method which is patented in many countries around the world, DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide is not only a safe means of combating harmful Legionella bacteria, for example, but also offers numerous benefits when it comes to use and handling:

Long storage life

Thanks to the two-component system in which the chlorine dioxide is generated just before use, DK-DOX® has a practical storage life of around 5 years. And even after activation, DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide keeps for several weeks without restriction. This means that you almost always have effective chlorine dioxide available for water treatment. 

Universal use

The patented method behind DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide permits safe manual preparation of effective chlorine dioxide for water treatment. There is no spontaneous formation of chlorine dioxide when the two input components are combined. Furthermore, no explosive chlorine dioxide concentrations are created at any time during the reaction. Thus DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide is always easy and safe to use. The occupational injury insurance fund rates the DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide generation system as safe from a health and safety point of view. The ready-to-use solution in canister form permits a wide variety of chlorine dioxide uses in various fields of water treatment.

Low-cost use

Thanks to the manual two-component method and the great stability of DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide, there is no need to invest in expensive installations or equipment. And even transport is much easier: DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide can be shipped in the activated state as well. And its easy dosage control properties ensure economical use of chlorine dioxide in water treatment. 

Improved compatibility with materials

DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide as a product solution is free from heavy metals and – immediately after preparation – free from chlorine. Moreover, DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide has the same pH as water. Even with concentrated use, e.g. for shock disinfection, its impact on and corrosion of technical installations and pipework systems is minimal. Direct contact with humans, e.g. in swimming baths, does not result in any irritation of skin or mucous membrane. And even the unpleasant smell of chlorine disappears thanks to DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide. These properties mean that DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide is predestined for water treatment in virtually all areas. 

Approved under German Drinking Water Ordinance

Chlorine dioxide and the DK-DOX® input components sodium peroxide disulfate and sodium chlorite are approved under the German Drinking water Ordinance and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications. Their good environmental properties ensure safe use in almost all fields of water treatment. See for yourself!